Why Most Apple Resellers in The Philippines Suck


Our opinions of a brand or a product can be significantly impacted by our interactions with customer care. Like anywhere else, experiences with third-party Apple Authorized Resellers in the Philippines can differ. Although certain clients might have experienced satisfaction, others might have encountered difficulties.

Expectations are frequently high when it comes to electronics and high-end devices like Apple goods. We believe that these expenditures will be accompanied by high-quality products as well as first-rate service. Regrettably, third-party resellers frequently fail to provide the caliber of customer support that is associated with the Apple brand.

The most common grievances concern things like:

Lack of Experience: Occasionally, employees at unaffiliated resellers might not be as knowledgeable or well-trained as those working in official Apple stores. This may result in clients requesting technical support or guidance receiving misinformation or misunderstandings.

Inconsistent Service: In customer service, consistency is essential. There doesn\’t seem to be any standard operating procedures or training among these resellers, since some clients report experiencing drastically different experiences from visit to visit.

Difficulty in Resolving Issues: Navigating solutions through a third-party reseller may not be as simple when issues with a purchased product develop as it is when dealing directly through Apple. Customers may become irritated if there are greater wait periods for repairs or replacements.

Limited Stock or Options: Third-party resellers may have limited stock or options, which can make it difficult for customers to find what they need. This is in contrast to Apple stores, which often provide a large selection of goods and accessories.

Communication Challenges: Good communication is crucial to providing excellent customer service. Due to language problems or inadequate staff training in communication skills, some customers have reported having trouble expressing their requirements or issues.

It\’s crucial to remember, though, that not every third-party Apple Authorized Reseller deals with these problems, and many consumers have positive experiences. Some resellers go above and beyond to satisfy customers, aiming to deliver great service.

Here are some suggestions to help customers who are navigating the world of third-party resellers maybe improve their customer care experience:

Research and Reviews: Look up product reviews online or get referrals from friends and family before making a buy. Finding out about other people\’s experiences can assist in preparing oneself.

Never be afraid to ask staff members questions concerning goods or services. This can be used to evaluate their expertise and customer-service inclination.

Recognize Policies: Become acquainted with the reseller\’s particular return, exchange, and warranty policies. Having knowledge can facilitate the resolution of problems when they emerge.

Maintain Records: Keep track of all correspondence (texts, emails) and receipts related to your purchase, as well as warranties. These might be quite helpful if issues come up and you need help.

Think About Direct Apple Support: Going to an official Apple Store or thinking about direct Apple support could be helpful when complicated problems come up or you want a reliable service experience.

Though third-party resellers provide accessibility and convenience, keep in mind that customer care experiences might vary widely. Customers can be better equipped to handle these interactions by being knowledgeable, inquiring, and maintaining documentation.

The most known authorized Apple resellers are Power Mac Center, Beyond The Box, iStudio and Switch, however, do note that despite how most \”influencers\” praise or promote these brands, everything that I\’ve stated on this article applies to all of them, no store is better than the other.

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