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Abe Philippines is a well-known brand in the Filipino culinary scene. Steeped in the rich culinary heritage of the Philippines, Abe captures the spirit of home-cooked meals with a dash of genuine Filipino pride. It\’s a celebration of flavors, culture, and the lengthy history that characterizes Filipino cuisine rather than just a restaurant.

Through the many flavors of the Philippines, Abe Philippines transports customers on an enchanted culinary voyage. Every meal at Abe conveys a tale, one of love, heritage, and a passion for real Filipino food, whether it comes from the peaceful regions or the busy streets of Manila.

Now prior from being a content creator on YouTube, I\’ve been a fan of writing blog posts with my previous websites that no longer exist today but the passion that drives it is still in full-swing.

Some time in the mid-2023, I happen to visit Gateway Mall which was already in the works in building \”Mall 2\”. Given that I enjoy trying out new things, I was looking for a good place to dine as my birthday was just right around the corner at the time. I am a huge fan of Filipino dishes and Abe was one of the few that was open in Gateway Mall to which I did check out.

Of course this isn\’t going to a be a trip down memory lane but I did capture a few dishes that I still order in the present time which are as follows:

1. Crispy Pata aka \” Knockout Knuckles \”
2. Pork Sisig
3. Green Mango with Bagoong


Knockout Knuckles : The Pride of Abe\’s Kitchen

First we have Crispy Pata. This perfectly captures the essence of comfort cuisine in the Philippines. This classic meal is made of soft, perfectly crispy deep-fried pig leg on the inside. Crispy Pata performed by Abe is nothing short of a masterpiece. It is a favorite among both locals and tourists due to its expert cooking, delicious ingredients, and satisfying crunch.

The careful cooking method is what creates the enchantment of Crispy Pata. To get that delicious crispiness, the hog leg is deep-fried after first being cooked with seasonings until it is soft. This meal, which comes with a zesty dipping sauce, is a real representation of Filipino culinary prowess.


Pork Sisig : A Symphony of Flavors

Abe\’s Pork Sisig is a standout dish on the menu, consisting of chopped pork cheeks, onions, and chili peppers on a sizzling plate that tantalizes the taste receptors. Once a modest snack for the local Filipino population, this dish has developed into a highly regarded culinary masterpiece.

The exquisite balance of flavors and textures in Abe\’s version of pork sisig is evident. Enhancing the aroma and accentuating the flavors, the sizzle of the hot plate gives a dramatic touch to the whole experience. Tastes great and leaves guests wanting more. It\’s a perfect balance of acidic, spicy, and savory flavors.


Manga with Bagoong: A Sweet and Salty Delight

Without a taste of manga paired with bagoong, no Filipino feast is complete. A tribute to the Filipino palate\’s appreciation of the fusion of sweet and salty flavors is this unusual pairing of green mangoes with bagoong, or fermented shrimp paste.

The tangy taste of the green mango melds wonderfully with the spicy flavor of the bagoong. This side dish washes the tongue and leaves a lasting, distinctive flavor while nicely counterbalancing the richness of Filipino cuisine.

Past the Plates: Abe\’s Devotion to Filipino Roots

Beyond the delectable food it offers, Abe Philippines is committed to protecting Filipino food culture. The atmosphere of the restaurant welcomes customers into a setting that feels like an extension of their home, reflecting the warmth of Filipino hospitality.

Abe takes pride in supporting Filipino farmers and producers by utilizing materials that are acquired locally. In addition to guaranteeing freshness, this commitment to exhibiting the best of Filipino goods also helps to sustain local communities.

Additionally, the restaurant actively promotes Filipino music, art, and customs through its involvement in cultural initiatives. Beyond just serving food, Abe develops a full dining experience that includes traditional performances and artwork by local artists.

Finally, A Smell of Filipino Pride

More than just a dining establishment, Abe Philippines is a symbol of the depth and variety of Filipino cooking. Abe honors the heartfelt tastes that characterize Filipino culinary history by presenting traditional dishes like Crispy Pata, Pork Sisig, and Manga with Bagoong.

Abe Philippines therefore guarantees not only a meal but an amazing voyage through the heart and spirit of Filipino gastronomy, whether you\’re a local yearning for a taste of home or a curious guest seeking to explore Filipino flavors.

For more information, bookings and reservations you may reach out to them through the following links:

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AbePhilippines
Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/abephilippines/

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